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History of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the most colorful destinations of India has an ancient history to tell.

The history of the state dates back to 2500 BC. The north part of the state was once the part of the Indus Valley civilization. The tribes of Bhills and minas are the earliest inhabitant of the area. The Aryans settled in north Rajasthan around 400 BC and then the local inhabitants were shifted to south and east Rajasthan. As once some cities of Rajasthan were on the caravan routes to Areas and other Middle East countries Muslim migrants also settled in Rajasthan then. The Turks, Afghan and Mughals and Persian are mixed up with the local dwellers and gave birth to the brave lineage of Rajputs.

During rules of Harsha Vardhan (7 AD) to the founding kingdoms of the Delhi Sultanate Rajasthan has been fragmented into several competitive Kingdoms. The power and wealth of the Rajputs were flourished and they were able to convince the Brahmins to link their lineage with the moon, sun and the fire god. Gradually the Rajputs have been divided into 36 royal clans and each clan had established their kingdoms at separate locations, hence the kingdom of Marwar, Mewar are named. The glory of Rajputs has been declined in the 14th century when the rich kingdoms of the region became an alluring attraction for the Khiliji dynasty and others.

When the Mughal arrived they built strong relationship with the Rajputs by matrimonial alliance. After marrying Rajput princes Jodha Bai, daughter of King Amber Akbar gave high credentials to Rajput prince. However the full glory of Rajputs kingdoms was diminished at the trap of British colonial power. Yet the Rajput kings share friendly relationship with the British and they inherited the polo tradition from the British.

Origin of Rajputs - the brave warrior clan: Rajput is said to be of foreign origin. They settled in Rajasthan at an early period and gradually persuaded the Brahmins to accord them the Kashtriya (warrior) clan status. They claim their origin from a mythical fir atop Mount Abu. The lineages of the Rajputs were traced from a mythical fire atop Mt.Abu.

Rajput was a symbol knightly noble, handsome, brave with the attitude of code of honor and chivalry. The Rajput warriors who got mentioned in Indian history are like Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Rana Kumbha, and Bhappa Rawal. The folk music of Rajasthan still tells the valor of the warriors. After independence of India, Rajasthan has been divided into princely states and Jaipur became the capital city.

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