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Rajasthan What To Pack

Traveling is a fun and comfortable when you pack the right things before planning a trip to any destination. The packing for traveling also has a relation with the destination you want to visit. One should pack the valuables to avoid any difficulty; here we give you a packing list for your Rajasthan tour.

Clothes: T-Shirt, Trousers, Sandals, Shoes, Shorts, Scarf/hat, Underwear, Thins, Socks, Warm clothes for night, Towel, Sarong, Hiking boots, Swim wear, Wind proof jacket, Sunglass, Mosquito net, Sleeping sheet

Document: Tickets, Cheque, Passport, Visa, Master card, Driver’s license, Passport photo, money wallets, wallets.

Luggage: Toilet bag, backpack, Extra shoulder bag.

Toiletries: Shampoo, Shaving, Soap, Deodorant, Hairbrush, Toothbrushes, Tissues, Toilet paper, Conditioner, A good Sunscreen, Toothpaste, Dental floss, Shaving kit, Detol soap, etc.

Medical kit: Thermometer, Painkillers, Band aids, Head balm, Antibiotics, Multi vitamins, Purification pills, Bandage rolls, Aloe Vera, Dehydration Packs, Insect repellent, Iodine water.

Books: Notebook, Address book, Phrase book, Travel guide book/maps, Fiction

Others: Pen, Batteries, i-pod, camera, torch, Swiss knife, Duct tape, Cork screw, Padlocks, Ear plugs, Flash light, playing cards, handkerchief, Video camera.

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