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Rajasthani Paintings

Rajasthan, the semi-desert Indian state has a rich tradition of paintings. The miniature paintings are drawn on the walls of the mansions and other residential buildings. The miniature paintings of Rajasthan are famous all over the world for its unique style. A few schools of paintings have been developed in Rajasthan and the main schools are Mewar, Hadoti, Alwar and Kishangarh.

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The major painting divisions of the state are:

Miniature Art: The most famous painting of Rajasthan has a rich history which dates back to the 11th century. The painting is drawn on the handmade papers and vegetable colors are used. Other things used in the paintings are silk wood and precious stones. The themes of the paintings are the illustration of the manuscripts, the style of the royal patrons. The miniature paintings during the Mughal age have been influenced by the Mughal art. The themes of the modern miniature art are mainly the old tradition of Rajasthan.

Phads: A traditional scroll form of painting, Phads are done in long rectangular coarse cloth. The themes selected for the paintings depiction of life and exploits of two famous folk heroes namely Narian and Pabuji. The other themes are the illustration of the stories of Bhagawad Purana and other popular folk stories.

Pichwais: The themes of the Pichwais paintings of Rajasthan are the Srinathji in different attires and the scenes of Nathdwara festival. The paintings are of various types like hand block paintings, embroidered and woven painting, etc.

Folk Painting: Folk Paintings is made for the festivals, marriage ceremony or any other auspicious ceremony. The paintings are mainly done by the tribal artists and found at the villages and rural areas.

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