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Pushkar Travel, Rajasthan

Pushkar holy town is 120 kilometers from Jaipur.

About Pushkar :

A holy pilgrimage centre for the Hindus, Pushkar town earns international fame for the annual Camel fair. Hindus of India visit this town throughout the year, yet the international tourists flock this city during the annual fair as it is one of the most enjoyable cultural extravaganzas in India. Pushkar is a holy town because of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Hindus visit during the Pushkar Camel fair as people believe that God comes down from heaven on the auspicious moments to Pushkar to bless the souls. Moreover, a holy dip on the waters of Lake Pushkar is said to be cleansed off the sins.


The best time period to visit Pushkar is in between the months of October and March.

Travel Attractions at Pushkar:

Pushkar tour mainly includes the annual Camel Fairs, Pushkar has also attractions like :

Brahma Temple: The only Brahma temple in India is located at Pushkar. Large number of devotes visit Pushkar to worship Lord Brahma. The architecture of the Brahma temple is simple.

Pushkar Lake: It is said that the Pushkar Lake is created when a Lotus flower falls from the hand of Lord Brahma. The Lake is considered holy in Hindu beliefs and lots of devotees visit Pushkar to have a holy dip. The annual Pushkar Camel Fair is held on the bank of Pushkar Lake.

Savithri Temple: Savithri temple is also a major attraction at Pushkar. The deity of the temple is Savithri, wife of Lord Brahma. It is located at the anthills of Ratnagiri.

Pushkar Bazaar: Pushkar bazaars are always lively with a wide variety of unique things, the stalls sale jewelries, fabrics, costumes and accessories.

Excursions from Pushkar:

Visiting Pushkar one can also visit Kunchaman Fort, Dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti at Ajmer, and Sambhar Lake.

Jaipur is 120 kilometers from Pushkar holy town. If you want to visit this holy town plan a tour during the time of Pushkar Camel fair, the largest cattle fair in the world held in the month of October or November.

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